Andivi Jonathan Sonkola

Andivi Jonathan Sonkola graduated in sculpture from Takoradi Technical University in 2018. As an artist, he stands with one leg in a classical African style, where he works with masks and figures. With the other leg he steps into a modern style and tells stories with compassion. 

He rethinks the material and how to use wood and metal. Jonathan Sonkola is an artist with both a very strong and a very sensitive expression. It will be interesting to follow his artistic development in the future.

Jonathan Sonkola works preferably with wood and metal, and most often in very large and expressive formats. When he works, the idea may occur randomly one day, and he writes it down in a book or on a piece of paper, not to forgetting it, and the process of work begins. Other times he lets the tree's structures and shape determine or guide him to, what the work will become.

His technique is assemblage, and he combines wood and metal most often by cutting the wood and then cutting the metal into smaller pieces, and finally shaping the other part of the work with the metal.

He says that wood and metal are two widely different materials, which he tries to combine to create a work of art that can appeal to the individual in man. These materials tell us, that when different people collaborate, they can reach something big, something beautiful.

The main purpose of the art is for him to bring people together, so that we must understand that no one can survive alone. We need the support of other people to achieve our goals.

Peace and Security II, 2019, wood and metal, 92 x 86 x57 cm.
Jonathan Sonkola with two of his artworks: Bringing Back Memories (Bob Marley), 2019, wood and metal sheet, 135 x 89 x 17 cm, and My culture, (mask-like figure), 2019, wood and metal sheet, 66 x 18 x 7 cm.
Boots, 2018, metal and rope. Sold.
Protector, 2019, wood and metal, 49 x 163 x 31
The Eye