Art sales

Are you interested in buying contemporary art made by Ghanaian or African artist? Or maybe just interested in knowing more about art from Africa and especially Ghana?

Gallery LM sells and exhibit contemporary art made by or performed by Ghanaian and African artists. A few other artist - older, younger or from other countries - will also be selling their art from the galley.

Gallery LM started in the end of 2018, where the first piece of artwork was sold.

  • The primary focus is on art, which visualize or present questions about identity, personal or cultural, and socio-economic issues.

The first years Gallery LM intend to run the gallery as a so-called nomadic gallery,which means there will be no physical Gallery with the name, but it will be possible to visit the showroom at Gallery LM’s domicile in Denmark. In a few years, hopefully there will be a studio in Accra, Ghana.

The art will be presented on Art Fairs, in exhibitions, on the website and many other places.