Patrick Tagoe-Turkson

Patrick Tagoe-Turkson

Patrick Tagoe-Turkson is the artist who has helped me open the doors to the newly educated artists of the Faculty of Applied Art from Takoradi Technical University, where he teaches. Patrick Tagoe-Turkson works in creating beauty out of waste material. He is famous for his transformation of old flip-flops into aesthetic expressions.

In addition, Patrick Tagoe-Turkson is a very active artist who exhibits anywhere in the world, including South Africa, USA, Mexico, South Korea and many more countries. Patrick T. Turkson works with performance, installations, mixed media, textile art, photos, book projects and land art. He has also received many awards for his art.

The Floating Slippers Lilies Intervention Project, 2010. Lilies made of flip-flops found in the Atlantic Ocean south of Ghana.
Ankama, 2019, fundne klip-klappere på ruskind, 140 x 184 cm.

The use of worn, discarded flip-flops, waste, plastics and rubber in stunning and vibrant colors has become a hallmark of Patrick Tagoe-Turkson's art. In art, he retells stories, dreams and hopes. The objects of the artworks are connected to the viewer in a way that is not entirely recognizable from its original form. The objects have undergone a transformation and appear as energy-filled, kaleidoscopic compositions in an overflowing color explosion, that is difficult to stop looking at.

In art, he examines themes that go across memory, migration, customization, recovery and social worries. He is in art both an environmental activist, a documentarist and a storyteller. He constantly challenges our perception of Ghana and Ghana's history and cultural traditions.

Sea Breeze (Nsu Mframa), 2018, found flip-flops, 120 x 100 cm
Interiør med et af Patrick Tagoe-Turksons kunstværker. Titel: Abodwese (Beard), 2018, fundne klip-klappere på ruskind, 101 x 135 cm.
Abow na Tokura, 2019, fundne klip-klappere på ruskind, 143 x 260 cm.
Sikafoturu (Gold), 2018, Fundne klip-klappere på ruskind, 110 x 62 cm.
Bianca, 2019, fundne klip-klappere på ruskind,114 x 112 cm.


Patrick Tagoe-Turkson is just now in a solo exhibition at the Museo de la Isla de Cozumel, in Yucatan, Mexico. The island Cozumel is in between Mexico and Cuba.

The title of the exhibition is HE VISTO COSAS/ I HAVE SEEN THINGS