Young Art to Young People

Lanto Kwame M. Azasime

What is this?

  • The concept is made so that young, newly educated artists, can sell art to other young people.
  • And for young people in education to be able to afford to buy an original piece of art.

Criteria for participation:

  • The young artist may participate up to 3 years after his/ her exam as an artist.

What do you get as an artist?

  • You will have the opportunity to sell art to young people who are interested in art.
  • You will have the opportunity to get out on the art market in a quicker way.
  • You will become a known artist faster.

What sort of art can you sell?

  • The artwork should not be big. I suggest sizes not bigger than 30 x 30 cm. But they might be much smaller. The material is for you to choose, but I suggest a light material, that’s easier and cheaper to send/ transport. The subject is all up to you! But think young to young! You will have to send photos and information to Gallery LM – about your artwork and about yourself.

The prizes of the art?

  • All works of art may cost between max. 40,00 – 54,00 EUR
  • Gallery LM takes 20 % of the price for her work with selling the art, so you should include this in your price.

How will the art be sold?

  • The buyer chooses an artwork by looking at the website of Gallery LM.
  • The buyer pays to Gallery LM/ Lisbet by mobile pay, and she pays you.

What about transport from Ghana?

  • When Lisbet/ Gallery LM will be in Ghana, she can bring your artwork to Denmark. In that case the art will either be a commissions sale, or you sell your work to Lisbet, or you should send it by DHL by request.
  • As a commission’s sale you will be paid, when the artwork is sold. If Lisbet buys your work, you will get the full price minus 20 %, if it’s a new order you will have to send and pay DHL to send the art to Denmark – or other places. The expenses to DHL will be paid by Gallery LM.